Pray for a 16-year-old, whose parents & relatives are trying to force her to murder her unborn child.  This is definitely against all laws, and Life Dynamics has info on these laws, even a form, called a “Force Form”, which helps girls/women, who are being forced to get an abortion, to stop this:



Pray for Elisa Bauer:

Court may force disabled Catholic woman to abort her child

Kirsten Andersen of
Thu Nov 01 14:03 EST

RENO, NV, November 1, 2012, ( – A disabled woman in Reno, Nevada, may soon be forced by court order to abort her child against her wishes, despite the objection of her parents.  A hearing is being held Thursday in Nevada’s 2nd District Court to hear testimony from medical experts in the case.

LifeSiteNews spoke to the woman’s mother, Amy Bauer, and her attorney, Jason Guinasso, about the events that led to the pregnancy and court case.

Elizabeth Bauer, 32, was born in Costa Rica, but adopted with her five siblings and brought to the United States by Amy and William Bauer of Fernley when she was 12.  Elizabeth – known to those who care for her as “Elisa” – is disabled as a result of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).  Her birth mother drank while pregnant, leaving Elisa mentally impaired and prone to seizures. She is said to have an IQ of 42 and a mental age of six.

At age 18, still unable to care for herself, Elisa was entrusted by the court to her parents’ permanent guardianship.  They have been responsible for her care ever since, first in their home, then at Chrysalis, a group home for disabled adults in Reno.

Pray for Hassan Rasouli, another person whom Canadian doctors, following Canadian regulations, are trying to murder. According to ONENEWSNOW.COM, he “developed a severe infection after surgery last October and went into a coma.  His physician-wife, who holds his power of attorney, does not want feeding and hydration tubes and a ventilator removed from her husband. Doctors, however, want otherwise –Alex Schadenberg heads the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. ‘The doctors have argued that they don’t require consent to remove medical treatment. They [say they] only require consent to actually do medical treatment,’ he shares. The case, which is now headed to the highest court in Ontario, is an incredibly important case, says Schadenberg.” Pray for Mr. & Dr. Rasouli, Mr. Schadenberg and his Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, as well as donate to his Coalition, which needs donations of $20,000.00 to pay for an attorney or attorneys to help defend Mr. Rasouli against being murdered. This shows the “death panels” in Obamacare in action. (info from



“According to the organization eyewitnesses who saw Chen Guangcheng last month say, “He looked pale and moved unsteadily. Only a few steps out of the door he fainted and fell to the ground.” Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD) also received “credible reports” that his wife, Yuan Weijing, appeared “skinny,” and “it seemed that it was difficult for her to move her waist.” The regime has banned all contact between the couple and Chen’s mother, who is in her eighties and suffering from severe bronchitis. She had supplied the couple’s food. “It is hard to imagine how the family is surviving,” an eyewitness told CHRD. Chen was imprisoned for more than four years for revealing the Chinese government performed 130,000 forced abortions and involutary sterlizations in his country alone. In 2005 while carrying out its oppressive population control policies. In 2010, authorities converted an entire village in Shandong Province into a heavily monitored prison camp, where Chen has remained under house arrest since [A.D.] leaving prison.” (LifeSiteNews)

UPDATE: Chen and family have escaped to the U.S. to New York. Pray for the rest of his family and relatives, who will bear the brunt, now, of retaliation from the Chinese government for his escape.


Please pray for Christian Pastor, Youcef, who has been sentenced to death in Iran, as well as for his  lawyer and other supporters, who are being  persecuted by the government.


The Children of God for Life is a pro-life, watchdog group, which investigates any companies, which are possibly using aborted baby parts in their products, such as those, which make vaccines and hand creams (And we think that the U.S. is civilized!). They discovered a research and development company, which specializes in developing flavor enhancers, probably trying to replace MSG: Senomyx. They applied for and obtained a patent in A.D. 2008 for a product, which uses human embryonic kidney cells, which come from aborted babies. When Children of God for Life approached Campbell Soup, one of the companies, which was a partner with Senomyx, they were told that Campbell Soup was no longer collaborating with Senomyx. Kraft/Cadbury, Pepsi, Nestle, and Solae were approached by the Children of God for Life, and these companies would not end their support of these horrific experiments. The only way to affect these companies is to hit them in the pocketbook, as usual, so please go to the Children of God for Life’s website: “Read Our Latest Press Releases, News Stories…“, and look at 04/05/11 & 03/29/11. Please don’t let these companies get away with this!

UPDATE: Campbell also originally was paying Senomyx to do this, but when word got out, they stopped. Pepsi tried to continue their relationship with Senomyx, but I guess the boycott was too much for them, so they have stopped funding this horrific experimentation.      A.D. 7/31/2012.

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