“…and a Little Child shall lead them.” (Isaiah 11:6)

O Jesus, King of all hearts, reign in my heart and in all hearts.  Amen.     (9 times/day)

Dear Friend,

Please forward this URL: to as many of your relatives, friends, and acquaintances, as possible, and ask them to pray the prayers on this page for the Enthronement of Jesus as Christ The King over the U.S.

Also, please pray the following prayers/the Chaplet of Divine Mercy/ the Holy Rosary or go to a Holy Mass, each day, until our Lord is adored as King over each person in the United States.  It is when we Americans recognize Jesus as our King, that He will begin to help us to reclaim our nation from all of the evil, which threatens it.


“O Sacred Heart of Jesus, we offer Thee an act of reparation for the indifference often shown to Thee.  We ourselves have been inattentive many times.  Not only do we now ask Thy Pardon, but we also declare our readiness to atone both for our personal offenses and for the faults of others.  We are resolved to expiate every outrage committed against Thee.  We wish to make amends, too, for the injustices perpetrated against the poor and unprotected [especially for the Innocents in the womb].  In reparation for all violations of Thy Divine Honor and of the rights of our fellowmen, we offer The Satisfaction, Which Thou once madest to Thine Eternal Father on The Cross and which Thou continuest to renew daily on our altars.  In Union with the Faithful on earth, we will try to make recompense, as far as we can, for all neglect of Thy Great Love and for the sins we and others have committed. 

O Loving Jesus, through the intercession of The Blessed Virgin Mary [with St. Joseph, through Sts. Anne & Joachim], deign to receive our act of reparation and keep us faithful to Thee, so that we may one day come to that home, where Thou livest and reignest with The Father and The Holy Spirit, One God, for ever and ever.  Amen.”   (taken from:

“O Sweet Infant Jesus, we hail Thee / Our Savior, our God, and our King. / The Word Is our Flesh dwelling with us. / Our hearts all adore; we sing.                                    

Though Thou art The Great God of Heaven, / We exiles on earth for a while / Rejoice in The Sweet Consolation, / The Light of Thy Heavenly Smile.

Thy Right Hand is raised high to bless us; / The world in Thy Left Hand doth lie. / Then, how can we fail, Lord, / To hasten to Thee whene’er sorrow is nigh?

Dear Infant Jesus of Prague, hear our pray’r. / Forget not Thy Promise, so true, / That when we but honor and love Thee, / Thy Blessings are lavished anew.  Amen.”

May God bless you and yours always,

In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph, through Anne & Joachim,

The Holy Family House

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