Why should we be worried about Halloween?      Well, let’s just look at the background to Halloween:

Halloween actually is a shortened form of the name:  “All Hallows’ Eve”.   “Hallows’ stands for “Holy Ones” or “Saints”, and the day following Halloween is now All Saints’ Day.

Of course, long before Halloween and All Saints’ Day existed, “Samhain” was the title of the “feast” on November 1st – the satanists’/devil worshippers’ biggest day of the year, along with May 1st (the 2nd biggest and bloodiest “feast of the year, also called Walpurgis Night, Beltane, etc., and the preparations for this “feast” last almost as long as the ones for Samhain).  Other satanic “feasts” include:  the winter solstice, ChristMass, New Year’s Eve, CandleMass (Feb. 2nd), the spring equinox, Good Friday, Easter, the summer solstice, the autumn equinox, etc.  If you google “satanic calendar”, you will find more days and information.

Satanists’ major goal is to please the devil, their master.  They want to desecrate anything and everything, which gives glory to God, including God, Himself, looking like Bread, in The Most Holy Eucharist.  Satanists do not steal The Most Holy Eucharist from any other churches other than from Catholic churches, schismatic Catholic churches, or Orthodox churches, because our Lord does not exist, looking like Bread, in any other church.  The satanists do horrific things to The Most Holy Eucharist, because It truly Is God, and He allows them to do so, as He allowed Himself to be crucified.  It is up to us to safeguard Him, as much as it is possible to do, because we are cursing ourselves if we do not.  That is why it is so important to have Eucharistic Adoration, as much as possible, both to make up to Our Lord for what has been done to Him, but also to make sure that no one is able to desecrate Him, because someone will be visiting Him in the church at all times!

After desecrating God, the satanists’ favorite thing to do is to torture, abuse, program, and murder the most innocent human beings in the world:  babies.  After that, women of all ages are the biggest targets.  Then, men, especially younger men, I would think, would be targeted next.  If you look up Satanic Ritual Abuse, you will learn about some of the monstrous things, which satanists do to those, whom they kidnap.  Many missing people have been kidnapped by satanists, who look like very respectable people and are recognized leaders in a community.

Since satanists do everything, which The Catholic Church does, backwards, they do anti-novenas for their sadistic “feasts”, so at least nine and possibly 19, days before November 1st and even until two days following, are always filled with their horrendous activities, which they often start at 2:00 a.m.  They do these activities in secret lodges, break in or secure help to get in to Catholic churches, in houses, etc.  People do not usually survive satanic attacks, and, if they do, they are usually unable to live normal lives.

Please watch yourselves at all times, especially around these dates, although the satanists are also busy during a full moon.  Do not walk alone at night or in isolated areas unless absolutely necessary.  Pray often to your Guardian Angel and to Holy Archangel Michael, especially this prayer, and offer it up for yourself and for others:

Saint Michael,  Saint Michael,  Angel of Light,  in this grave moment, show forth Thy Might.  Amen.

(9 times, or continually, in emergency).

Please print out the attachment at the bottom, copy, and distribute it, including at daycares, schools, colleges, churches, anywhere, where people gather.

CRUSADE NOVENA to our Lady, Queen of All Saints & Souls:  10/23-11/3:

Prayer to Mary, Mother and Queen of all Saints

“…Mary, Queen of all the Saints, already totally immersed in Divine Glory, help us to proceed with haste on the demanding road of Christian perfection.  May [Thou] help us to understand and to appreciate ever more the recitation of the Rosary as an evangelical work of contemplation of The Mystery of Christ and of faithful acceptance of His Will.  [Amen.]

(taken from: http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/john_paul_ii/angelus/2003/documents/hf_jp-ii_ang_20031101_en.html)

“…Virgin Mary, Queen of all the Saints, guide us to choose the world of eternal life at every moment, “and life everlasting”, as we say in the Creed; a world already inaugurated by The Resurrection of Christ, Whose Coming we can hasten with our sincere conversion and charitable acts.” [Amen.]

(taken from: http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/benedict_xvi/angelus/2006/documents/hf_ben-xvi_ang_20061101_all-saints_en.html)

(pray once a day for the 9 days, and offer to our Lady for the Crusade intentions)

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