Help Rebuild A Holy Family House!




The House is located in the area of what used to be called “Chaldean Town” from all of the Iraqi Catholics, who lived there.  But, eventually, the area became crime-ridden, and the majority of the Chaldeans moved to the suburbs.

The Lord inspired the purchase of this house, which is almost at the end of a street, “Derby”, which is in the east side of Detroit.  “Derby” means “race”, which quite appropriately describes a Christian’s life here on earth, according to St. Paul (1 Cor. 9:24).

It is supposed to be the base from which prayer, suffering, and evangelization will take place, to gradually take over the neighborhood, and claim it for God.

The same day, that some wooden chairs were placed in the house, to begin the moving-in process, the House was torched – May 20, A.D. 2016.  Arson is the only explanation, as neither the electricity nor the natural gas was accessible.  The president of our public charity has been staying in a vehicle for most of the time since the fire.

We are waiting for sufficient funds for supplies to build a house from scratch, as there has been an offer of help to construct the house.

Please donate what you can, and if it is not possible to give a large amount at one time, you could give small amounts over a period of time. 

Remember that GOD Is never outdone in generosity!

GOD bless you and yours now and forevermore, In The Holy, Extended Family’s Name.  Amen.