YOU can save LIVES!

YOU can save LIVES!

Right now, the US and the world are in the throes of a war between life and death – Blessed John Paul II said that we are living in a “culture of death”.  It doesn’t sound too good, does it?  Each one of us can do something to turn things around without spending one penny or traveling anywhere. 

As God is The Only One, Who can help us to get us out of this mess, we need to find a way to get Him to do so.  Fervent, selfless, efficacious Prayer, backed up with Mortification or Renunciation is the most effective way to gain God’s Favor towards us.  There are many good prayers on this website, so browse it, and see which ones, you would like to pray either daily or on the day dedicated to a Saint or The Lord. 

For example, each day of the week is dedicated to one of the Saints or God:  Sunday – The Most Holy Trinity/The Resurrection of Jesus over death; Monday – The Holy Ghost/God The Spirit and the Holy Souls in Purgatory; Tuesday – Ste. Anne (& St. Joachim) and the Holy Angels; Wednesday – St. Joseph, our Patron, Protector & Provider; Thursday – The Most Blessed Sacrament; Friday – The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, His Most Precious Blood, Passion, and Death for us; Saturday – The Most Blessed Virgin Mary/The Immaculate Heart of Mary. 

We should also have an efficacious prayer discipline, wherein we pray each day certain prayers, and even some prayers at specific hours each day, so that we show God, that we are putting Him first, last, and always and remaining in communication with Him.  We also want to practice silence – when we are not filling our ears or eyes with info from the t.v., the internet, the radio/stereo, Ipod, Facebook, Youtube, texts, e-mails, unfruitful conversations,…  If we start measuring everything by whether it helps us to become closer to God and to our Goal:  Heaven, we will be on our way to becoming Friends of God, and He listens to those, who do His Will – His Friends. 

Now, to get to the good part:  what are YOU going to do to save lives?

Circle one of the following, or come up with something similar of your own, and the harder it is or they are, the more you will please The Lord – but do it!  Tell The Lord, that you are going to do the following  in His Honor/consecrate it to Him, and LOOK OUT – God will indeed, over time, help you to SAVE LIVES!


Meat    Candy    Ice Cream    Potato Chips    Soda Pop    Energy Drinks    Cake    Cookies    Snacks    Tea    Coffee    Cigarettes    Cigars    Other  _________     OR      Stop doing the following:  watching t.v.    listening to the radio   posting on Facebook    Posting on Twitter    watching YouTube    surfing the Internet    playing XBox or other video games    useless phone conversations    games from apps    texting    listening to music    watching movies    Other  _________


Mon.   Tues.   Wed.   Thur.   Fri.   Sat.   Weekdays   OR    Until Abortion, Abortifacients & Contraception/Contra-God’s Will are illegalized once again!


U.S.A. & Territories     North America    North & Central Americas     North, Central, & South Americas     the Americas & Africa     the Americas, Africa, & Europe     the Americas, Africa, Europe & Asia     the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia & all other countries and principalities – the World.


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