The Pope normally is to be followed, as our Lord was followed on earth, but if the Holy Father encourages us to do something or to believe something, which does not agree with The Church’s existing doctrine, then we are NOT to follow His example.  The Holy Spirit will physically not allow the Holy Father to teach, as the Head of The Universal Church, anything contrary to faith or morals, but He could possibly be a bad example or work behind the scenes to accomplish goals contrary to The Church’s Teachings or existing doctrine.  Our Bishops or our Spiritual Fathers, are the ones, who are personally responsible for helping us to become Saints, for teaching, governing, and sanctifying Catholics, in accordance with The Church’s doctrine, no matter what anyone else is doing.  

     The Bishops are directly responsible for their areas and should be speaking and acting effectively to teach their sheep what is right and wrong, true and false in what they believe – faith – and how they behave – morals – to get to Heaven.  When the Bishops of a region do not speak out to educate and to correct or punish their sheep, especially when it concerns murder/abortion and contraception, they will not only be answerable to God for their Souls, but also for the Souls of those whom they have allowed to stray from the Path to Heaven.  Sins of omission can be as bad as or even worse than sins of commission.

     As God blesses or curses a family according to what the father does, so does God bless or curse an area, according to the behavior of the Spiritual Fathers/ Catholic Bishops of that region.  There are four sins, which cry out to God to take vengeance for their committal:  willful murder, sodomyoppressing the poor, and not paying a day-worker his daily wage.

     Abortion is murder of the Baby-Innocent-in-the-womb, and it is being committed as often by Catholics as by pagans.  How?!  Most of so-called contraceptives, such as the “Pill”, the “Patch” the “Shot”, “Plan B”, and the “IUD” actually have a side-effect of which most people are ignorant – they can and do often chemically murder Baby-Innocents-in-the-womb!  (see “” & “”)

     Also, God showed His utter hatred for any type of contraception when He killed Onan immediately after Onan had used the withdrawal method, a so-called, natural contraceptive action.  (see Genesis 38:8-10)  God gave us our reproductive organs to join Him in procreating citizens for Heaven – not for recreational purposes, and anyone, who misuses or encourages others to misuse these organs, will face God’s Wrath.  It seems clear, that God has been chastising the US through pres. Obama, because the majority of our Bishops have been silent on the evil of abortion-inducing drugs and contraceptive use.  Pres. Obama and others have been trying to force Catholics, through requiring health insurance to pay for abortifacients (the “Pill”, the “Shot”, Plan B, the “Patch”, the IUD), surgical abortion, and contraception – the very things against which our Bishops should be leading the charge!

     What can we do?  I propose a “LionHearts’ Crusade”.  The plan is to gather in LionHearts’ Crusade groups of 3, 6, 9, … with each Crusade group choosing one Bishop for whom this Crusade group will have a Novena of Holy Masses celebrated. 

Why Holy Masses?  Since The Most Holy Sacrifice of The Mass Is The Re-presentation or The Re-offering up of Jesus Christ’s Most Sacred Death on The Cross, to God The Father.  It is through Jesus’ Most Sacred Passion and Cross that our Lord gained forgiveness for Adam’s Sin, and through Which we can receive His Mercy, Graces, and Blessings; we can obtain anything from God through The Most Holy Mass, if it be according to His Will.  The Power of The Most Holy Mass Ist Infinite, since Jesus Christ Ist The Infinite Son of God.  It has been  written that One Most Holy Mass celebrated for oneself, while one is here on earth, is worth 20,000 Most Holy Masses celebrated, for oneself, after one has died.

Why a Novena?  Since our Most Blessed Lady and the Disciples perseveredst in prayer for nine (novena in Latin) days from our Lord’s Glorious Ascension until our Lord God The Holy Ghost descendest upon them at Pentecost, the novena has been a successful form of prayer to honor and petition our Lord, His Angels and Saints.  When the two are combined, miracles have taken place.

A member from each of the Crusade groups will e-mail us at:  [email protected] to see if their particular Bishop has already been chosen.  Then, each member will chip in sufficient funds, up to $135.00 total stipend  for a Novena of Holy Masses.  (Each diocese decides what the amount of a Priestly stipend for The Holy Mass will be – usually, it is $10/$15.)  We will be coordinating these Holy Masses – use the “Donate” button on this page to get the funds to us, and we will forward them to a Priest, to be celebrated for your chosen Bishop. 

     Then, each member of each Crusade group will choose his own particular Bishop for whom to make his Novena of prayers.  Once again, please send us these Bishops’ names, so that we can make sure that all of the Bishops will be prayed for.  Each Crusade group will gather or pray through a conference call, at a convenient time each day for at least one Novena (nine days) of prayer, including at least The Most Holy Rosary (Scriptural) and The Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

Hopefully, the LionHearts’ Crusade groups will continue making these Novenas for other Bishops until all of the existing Bishops have been covered by this LionHearts’ Crusade. 

Then, we will have helped to change the U.S. and the world, as we know it!



The above Donations will go to an account, which will be specifically used for having Holy Masses celebrated for the Pope and Bishops.

Please read these webpages for more background on “The LionHearts’ Crusade:


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