SAINTS-Our Friends, Intercessors, & Patrons!

The Communion of Saints is a wonderful tenet of our Faith.  It is so comforting to know, that no matter what happens, no matter where we are, no matter who we are, we can call on our co-warriors in The Faith for help and know that we will get what we need. 

Since the Saints are in Heaven and near to God, they have a lot of pull with Him.  Much as parents are not insulted when their children, not they, are appreciated, so God Is not offended when we honor His Friends in Heaven, His Saints, by asking them to go to God for us.  This makes sense, because God Is The One, Who made these People Holy.  He is not insulted when we ask their help; instead He appreciates our humbling ourselves by going through His Friends. 

Just imagine trying to get to see the President of the USA without an invitation – would it happen?  Not unless God performed a miracle.  Instead, it would ordinarily mean, that we would have to know someone, who was close to the President or who had influence with him, in order to get to see him.  This is the same with God and His Saints.  We can communicate with/pray to God all that we want to, but that does not mean, that God will answer our prayers.  Why?  Because our sins muffle our prayers.  God will often answer our prayers when we go through His Ambassadors, His Saints, because they have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, that their first loyalty is to The One, Who made them, redeemed them, and guided them to Heaven.

You don’t have to use others’ prayers to the Saints, but, since some of them have been inspired by The Holy Ghost, especially those, which have been approved by The Church, this would not be a bad idea.  You can always use some of your prayers to others’ prayers or even personalize others’ prayers to make them more your own.

Please take a look at the Saints’ pages listed under this heading, and start imitating them and petitioning them for help to do so.

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