Ste. Therese de Lisieux

Sainte Thérèse of Lisieux,
The Little Flower

“Until the end of the world, I will spend my heaven doing good upon the earth.”

St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus and of The Holy Face

Doctor of the Church


One of the most beloved Saints of The Church, and Our Blessed Mother’s most precious daughter, St. Therese of Lisieux, and her love and devotion to Our Lord, is a story that touches the hearts of millions.  In the brief 24 years that she lived on this earth, her graces touched the lives of so many.  Her shrine in Lisieux remains the largest building in the world dedicated to one person. And her motto (above) is truly one that she has lived to the fullest, both in life and as a Saint — ‘The Little Flower’  [She wanted to be “Love in the Heart of The Church”.] 

The first Novena is easy and is most dear to the Little Flower.  It is the Twenty Four “Glory Be’s” Novena, and there is a little story attached with this one.

Father Putigan, a Jesuit priest, began the Novena to Saint Therese of The Child Jesus on December 3, 1925, asking the glorious Saint for one great favor.  For nine days, he recited the “Glory Be” 24 times thanking The Holy Trinity for the favors and Graces showered on Saint Therese during the 24 years that she lived on this earth.  The good father asked Saint Therese, that, as a sign that his novena was being heard, he would receive from someone a freshly plucked rose.  On the third day of the novena, an unknown person sought out Father Putigan and presented him with a beautiful rose.

Father Putigan began the second novena on December 24th of the same year, and, as a sign, asked for a white rose.  On the fourth day of this novena, one of the Sister-nurses brought him a white rose, saying, ‘Saint Therese sent you this.’  Amazed, the priest asked “Where did you get this?”

“I was in the chapel,” said the Sister, “and, as I was leaving, I passed the altar above which hangs the beautiful picture of Saint Therese.  This rose fell at my feet.  I wanted to put it back in the bouquet, but a thought came to me, that you should have it.”

Father Putigan received the favors he had petitioned of the Little Flower of Jesus, and promised to spread the novena to increase devotion to, and bring her more honor.  In this fashion, from the ninth to the seventeenth of each month, those who want to participate in the 24 Glory Be’s novena, should add to those of their own, the intentions of all who are at that time making the novena, thus forming one great prayer in common.  This novena can be said at any time, however.

[Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto.
Sicut Erat In Principio, et Nunc, et Semper, Et in Saecula Saeculorum.  Amen.
Glory Be to The Father, and to The Son, and to The Holy Spirit.
As It Was In The Beginning, Is Now, and Ever Shall Be, world without end.  Amen.]

The “Glory Be” is said 24 times each day for nine days, in thanksgiving for all of the blessings and favors given to Saint Therese of The Child Jesus during the 24 years of her life.  Start the novena each day with this prayer:

O Most Holy Trinity, God The Father, God The Son, and God, The Holy Spirit, I thank Thee for all of the blessings and favors, which Thou hath showered upon the soul of Thy Servant, Therese of The Child Jesus, during the 24 years, which she spent here on earth, and in consideration of the merits of this, Thy most beloved Saint, I beseech Thee to grant me this favor, if it is in accordance with Thy Most Holy Will and is not an obstacle to my salvation.  After this prayer, follow with the 24 Glory Be’s, between each of which should be included this short prayer:  “Saint Therese of The Child Jesus, pray for me.'”

(taken from:

“O Marvelous Saint Therese of The Child Jesus, who, in Thy brief mortal career, didst become a mirror of angelic purity, of daring love and of whole-hearted surrender to Almighty God, now that Thou art enjoying the recompense of Thy Virtues, turn Thine Eyes of mercy upon us, who trust in Thee.  Obtain for us the grace to keep our hearts and minds pure and clean like unto Thine, and to abhor in all sincerity whatever might tarnish ever so slightly the luster of a virtue so sublime, a virtue, that endears us to Thy Heavenly Bridegroom.  Ah, dear Saint, grant us to feel in every need the power of Thine intercession; give us comfort in all of the bitterness of this life and especially at its latter end, that we may be worthy to share eternal happiness with Thee in Paradise.  Amen.

V.  Pray for us, O Blessed Therese, R.  That we may be made worthy of The Promises of Christ.

Let us pray.  O Lord, Who hast said, ‘”Unless you become as little children, you shall not enter into The Kingdom of Heaven’; grant us, we beseech Thee, so to walk in the Footsteps of Thy Blessed Virgin Therese with a humble and single heart, that we may attain to everlasting rewards:  Who livest and reignest world without end.  Amen.” (Raccolta, 576)

O Saint Therese of The Child Jesus, Patroness of the Missions, pray for us.” (Raccolta, 574)

“O God, Who didst inflame with Thy Spirit of Love, the soul of Saint Therese of The Child Jesus, grant that we, too, may love Thee and make Thee loved exceedingly.  Amen.” (Raccolta, 577)

Prayer to Saint Therese of The Child Jesus for the Conversion of Russia:

O Loving and Compassionate Saint, deign to comfort our Russian brethren, the victims of a long and cruel persecution of the Christian name; obtain for them perseverance in The Faith, progress in the love of God and of their neighbor, and in confidence toward The Most Holy Mother of God; prepare for them holy priests, who shall make reparation for the blasphemies and sacrileges committed against The Most Holy Eucharist; grant that angelic purity, especially in the young, and every Christian virtue may once more flourish amongst them, to the end that this noble people, being delivered from all slavery and returning freely to the one fold entrusted by The Loving Heart of The Risen Christ to Saint Peter and his successors, may at length taste the joy of glorifying The Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit in the fellowship of The Holy Catholic Church.  Amen.  (Raccolta, 632)


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