INOVENA:  New Calendar:  12/21 – 12/29;  Traditional Calendar:  12/30 – 1/7:

The Feast of The Holy Family (JESUS, Mary, and Joseph) is on the “Sunday within the Octave of Christmas, or on December 30th, if ChristMass and New Year are on Sunday”. 

The traditional Feast is celebrated on the Sunday after January 6th (Epiphany), or January 8th, this year.  The two calendars – the traditional and the new – are definitely different right around ChristMass!  Make both of these Novenas – The Lord knows, we need all of the help, that we can get, from Him and His Holy Family, for us, our families, our Pope and Bishops, our country, and its leaders!

from the traditional Holy Mass prayer:

“O Lord Jesus Christ, Who in the days of Thy Subjection to Mary and Joseph, didst consecrate home life by ineffable acts of virtue; by the intercession of Thy Holy Mother and of Thy Foster-Father, make us so to profit by the example, [which] they with Thee hath set us, that we may be counted members of Thy Household for evermore.  Who livest and reignest world without end.  Amen.”

From the prayers of Pope Leo XIII to consecrate a family to The Holy Family:

“O Jesus, our Most Loving Saviour, Thou, Who wast sent down from Heaven to enlighten the world by Thy Teaching and Example, and Who didst will to pass the greater part of Thy Holy Life in lowliness at Thy Home in Nazareth, Subject to Mary and Joseph, and thereby didst hallow the pattern for all Christian families, do Thou in Thy Goodness receive our household, which this day consecrates itself to Thee; protect and guard us; strengthen us, in Thy holy fear, establish in our hearts the peace and concord of Christian Charity, so that each one of us, becoming like to The Divine Model of Thy Family, may be sharers of eternal joy.  O Mary, Most Loving Mother of Jesus Christ, our Mother, through Thy Love and Mercy,  intercede that Jesus receive this Act of Consecration, and pour out upon us His Graces and Blessings.  O Joseph, Most Holy Guardian of Jesus and Mary, help us by Thy prayers in all of our necessities both of body and soul, that, together with The Blessed Virgin Mary and Thyself, we shall praise and thank Christ Jesus, our Divine  Redeemer.”  In Thy Holy Name and in Thy Holy, Extended Family’s Name.  Amen.

To find out more about the newly-approved Holy Family Association (A.D. 1987) , a continuation of Pope Leo XIII’s Archconfraternity of The Holy Family, go to the following website:

God bless you all, these 40 days of ChristMass!

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